Foundation Our Lady of Perpetual Help

The Portal is made up of this Web Page with easy access via the Internet, which provides information on the Plans and Events for Spiritual Expansion and a window where the Affiliate Members of Spiritual Expansion can contact us.

In, an amplitude of organized beliefs of the world congregates without differentiation by race or creeds.

The website contains several Sections, beginning with the Main Section, where it is explained what it does and how it does it, identifying the work of the Our Lady of Perpetual Help Foundation (

To create sources of income generation to support Social, Charitable, and Charitable Works, activities, and events related to the different Sectors have been proposed that can attract many people who contribute to the proposed causes.

Among the Activities Planned through the Website is holding auctions of Works of Art related to the spiritual and religious.

The realization of Virtual Auctions of Works of Arts is done by selecting techniques such as Stained Glass.

These Auctions have been organized by Thematic Series in Stained Glass by Recognized Artists with Tradition and Prestige.

The First Series selected:

  • Series of the Invocations of Mary Most Holy Virgin includes Thirty-Three (33) Dedications in Colorful Stained Glass.
  • Series of the Nativity of Jesus, initially with Twelve (12) scenes in Colorful Stained Glass.
  • The Passion and Glory of Jesus Christ Series, with Twenty-six (26) Colorful Stained Glass scenes.

The Portal contains a Section of Galleries made up of Sub Sections with each Thematic Series.

Each Stained Glass Work of Art has its assigned Code and its Initial Value for the Virtual Auction.

Social Works For a Solidarity World