The Our Lady of Perpetual Help Foundation began in Venezuela 33 years ago and is they are the Guards of the Virgin of Oil’s statue in the dedication of Perpetual Help, a supernatural manifestation that has been emanating oil the 33 years of existence of the Foundation.

The Manifestation has been evaluated by Cardinals, Priests, and Patriarchs appointed by the Superior hierarchy, having celebrated the Eucharist by the Bishop of the Aragua State where the House of the Virgin of Turmero is located.

Today the Foundation, apart from already having a Prayer Chapel and a House of the Custodians of The Statue, it also has a dining room for people in need, currently feeding more than a thousand (1,000) people daily; they receive two meals daily. There is no state or government support for such aid; only contributions are received from private individuals and private entities.




In Turmero, an hour and a half from Caracas, since 1986, “miraculous” oil has continuously been emanating from a statue of the Virgin of Perpetual Help received by the anointed Mrs. Odette Idlvi, of Syrian origin who since then has dedicated herself day and night to disseminate the facts and deliver such Blessings to the parishioners who from different countries have visited the House of the Virgin of Turmero, which has more than 10 large books with the testimonies of miracles received by the belief in the Blessed Virgin Mary in the invocation of the Perpetual Help, written by the thousands of people healed by the Mother of Jesus. It is something of a prodigy from Damascus where the stamp came from, which today is still pouring oil at the end of 2019. This unique Manifestation has been evaluated by Cardinals and Priests sent by the Holy Catholic See and recently endorsed by the Bishop of the State of Aragua, Venezuela, who was present in the Dining Room of the Casa de La Virgen, where today they already receive two more than daily meals a day. 1,000 people. Visits to the Chapel of the Virgin are attended by Amalia Haddad, on behalf of Odette, who, together with her collaborators, will treat them with affection and give the Blessings.


Prayer of the Holy Pope to the Virgin of Perpetual Help

We invoke you O Virgin of Perpetual Help Holy Mother of the Redeemer Help your people who long to rise again.

It gives everyone the joy of working to construct the Kingdom in conscious and active solidarity with the poorest by proclaiming in a new and courageous way the Gospel of Your Son.

He is the Foundation and summit of all human coexistence that aspires to a true, stable, and just peace.

Like the Child Jesus that we admire in this venerated icon, we too want to shake Your right hand.

You do not lack power or goodness to help us in the most diverse needs and circumstances of life.

The current time is Your Time Come, then, to our aid and be for allhelp, shelter, and hope.