Registration Terms and Conditions

By accessing this website, the interested party, hereinafter: THE USER, agrees to comply with the terms and conditions for registration detailed below.

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God Gift Gallery is not responsible for the impossibility of using or accessing this site due to technical problems in the equipment, versions of browsers used, disconnections or network congestion, or any other situation beyond the control of God Gift Gallery.

Iterested in participating in the auctions must register on the GOD GIFT GALLERY website, creating a username and password, which allow them to keep their identity reserved throughout the process; they must complete with data that enables the validation of their identity in the format that the system will present to you for this purpose.

The Username and Access Password created by THE USER are personal and non-transferable; they must be kept secret under their sole and exclusive responsibility and may only be modified by the USER subject to the current rules and procedures of GOD GIFT GALLERY.

It is the responsibility of the USER to avoid being induced into fraud, for which they must verify at the time of constituting THE PAYMENT that the page through which they are constituting it is really that of God Gift Gallery, validating that the security lock is present, or by displaying the https prefix in the Internet address (URL). Also, they must have browser pop-ups unlocked in order to make electronic payments.

The electronic transactions carried out by THE REGISTERED USER to constitute THE PAYMENT (S) are processed and controlled in the last stay by the banking establishment of which THE USER is a client and, consequently, will be governed by the rules and procedures of said bank. For this reason, GOD GIFT GALLERY is not responsible for the limitations to make electronic payments that the bank of the original account may have, such as maximum amounts, prior authorizations, or other specific restrictions of each banking establishment, for which it is the responsibility of the USER to establish well in advance the payment (s) of the awarded works in case it is favored in the auction process within the set deadlines.

In any case, inquiries related to electronic deposits constituted, as well as returns, where appropriate, will be dealt with directly by GOD GIFT GALLERY.

The Terms and Conditions established here are of indefinite duration; However, GOD GIFT GALLERY may update or modify them when necessary. In this case, the USER must be attentive to said updates.

For all legal purposes, THE USER must state that the resources they will use to pay the award price come from licit activities.  

The User also declares to have read and understood the Terms and Conditions of registration and the General Conditions and Terms published on this website GOD GIFT GALLERY.