These General Terms and Conditions apply to the use of online auctions. These Terms are a legal agreement, and the use of the Services of Foundation Our Lady of Perpetual Help hereinafter FOLOPH constitutes your acceptance of the Terms contained in this section.


1 – Definitions

2 – Who can participate

3 – Registration

4 – Privacy Statement

5 – Security

6 – The auction procedure

7 – The Puja

8 – Conclusion and purchase agreement

9 – Billing and Payment

10 – Penalty for non-compliance

11 – Withdrawal address


Auction terms and conditions: Refers to these general conditions;

Offeror: The one who registers to participate in the auction;

Bid: The amount offered by the Bidder in a product of an auction, excluding tax;

Purchase Agreement: The purchase agreement between the person with the highest bid in an auction (User) and FOLOPH based on the starting value;

Buyer: The bidder to whom the award has been made;

Personal data: The (personal) data that have to be provided to FOLOPH by those interested in participating in order to register and bid in an auction;

Award: The explicit declaration of FOLOPH to the Bidder that it has been favored in the auction under the bid made;

Auction: Refers to the Online Auction through the God Gift Gallery website for the sale of one or more products;

Reserve value: Minimum price for which the award of a product will be accepted.

User: Name of the bidder that will appear on the website when placing the bid.

Authorized Amount: It is the original deposit requested by FOLOPH equivalent to the starting value of each auction.


2.1 They can only apply in auctions

   2.1.1 Natural persons of legal age and with the capacity to contract.

   2.1.2 Legal person for-profit and non-profit as long as they certify the origin of the funds from lawful activities and evidence of the constitutive document and accreditation card (or its equivalent, such as Debit Card) of their tax identification number.

   2.1.3 Civil Associations or Non-profit Communities.

2.2 By participating in an auction, the bidders declare to FOLOPH that they have an obligation to comply with these General Auction Terms and Conditions and are subject to the legal consequences that may arise. The participant is obliged to unreservedly comply with all the terms and conditions and refrain from any conduct that may harm the interest of FOLOPH.


3.1 In order to participate in an auction, the Bidder must register on the Auctions Website with truthful information.

You cannot register and bid under a fake name or with an invalid credit card. Such fraudulent conduct is a violation of federal and state laws. Fraudulent bidders may be reported to the relevant state, and federal law enforcement agencies and FOLOPH will cooperate to ensure violators are prosecuted to the fullest extent of the law.

In the event of any intentional error, falsehood in the registration data, or breach of the GENERAL TERMS AND CONDITIONS OF THE AUCTION AND THE REGISTRATION, FOLOPH may delete the user’s account without prior notice or right to compensation.

All data is treated with the utmost discretion and following the FOLOPH PRIVACY POLICY. In addition, the bidder begins its participation in the Auction once it is authorized.

The Offeror also declares that he agrees to enter into the purchase agreement for the corresponding auction in the case of being the beneficiary of the auction.

3.2 The Bidder must identify himself at the first request of FOLOPH properly; if he or she fails, he or she is not allowed to participate in the auction.

3.3 The Bidder declares that the registration information provided to FOLOPH is complete, accurate, and correct.

In the event of changes in the information provided, the offeror has an obligation to inform FOLOPH immediately.

3.4 The username and password used by the Bidder in an Auction are strictly personal and may not be transferred by the Bidder to third parties.

You cannot reveal your username and password to any third party and agree that you are solely responsible for any use or action taken on your account.

Your password can only be used to access and participate in auctions. If your username or password credentials are compromised or otherwise disclosed, you must notify FOLOPH and change your password immediately to minimize the risk of loss.

You are responsible for providing and maintaining all equipment necessary to use the Services, including but not limited to computer hardware and software, modems, Wii-Fi or network connections, and telephone service. In addition, you are solely responsible for maintaining the security of your personal information, which includes, but is not limited to, account and login information, passwords, and financial information; (b) all telephone and payment charges that may apply to your account based on your location; and (c) any other charges resulting from the use of your account.


4.1 (FOLOPH) will use the personal data of a Bidder per the Privacy Statement on its Auction website


5.1 (FOLOPH) makes reasonable efforts to protect its systems against data loss and any illegal use and will use technical and organizational measures to do so.

5.2 The Offeror is obliged to secure his computer or any other device against viruses or other programs that spread through the internet.


6.1 The preparation and conduct of the auction will be determined solely by the (FOLOPH).

6.2 FOLOPH reserves the right to suspend, resume or cancel an auction when there are reasonable reasons that place it in a position to do so in order to prevent damaging situations both for itself and for the participating public; Likewise, FOLOPH reserves the right of admission or withdrawal of the participant when there are reasons for it.

6.3 The duration of the Auction will be indicated on the Auction Website

6.3.1 The time that it will last may be one (1) day up to a maximum of ten (10) days.

6.4 A minimum number of participants must be met to start each auction; FOLOPH will indicate this.

6.5 FOLOPH reserves the right to cancel the auction if the reserve price is not reached at the end of the auction.

6.6 The Bidder accepts the special conditions that may arise during the online auction and the technical problems that may occur.

These issues may include the inability to access the auction website or, failing that, a specific auction, the inability to bid, website failures, or software running on the auction website

6.7 Once registered in the system and before participating in the auction, you must make the deposit of the authorized amount with which you can join in the auction.

6.8 Once the agreed time for the auction has concluded, the Beneficiary will be announced in the award of the auctioned product by communicating to his email.

6.9 The auction of original work, be it stained glass windows, coins, medals, or any other product, does not imply that FOLOPH cannot sell replicas.


7.1 Once the work for which you will bid has been selected, the bidding process will begin with the amount you want to participate in, starting from the base price indicated by FOLOPH with increments in amounts not less than U$D 50 in each opportunity.

7.2 The Offeror will be able to observe the amounts of bids and the amount in which the auction is going, this being reflected in the last offer that the participant has made.


8.1 Any Offer placed in the FOLOPH auction through the website comprises a legal offer to buy the product to be auctioned.

8.2 Participating in the auction scheduled by FOLOPH through the website with a bid does not mean that the product will be awarded; it will be awarded to whoever turns out to be the highest bidder and is declared by FOLOPH.


9.1 Payments will be accepted by Debit or Credit Cards through the Payment Gateway.

9.2 All prices are quoted, and payments are processed in US dollars. The user is responsible for the conversion rates and fees that may occur in the event of a currency conversion performed by their bank or payment processor.

9.3 To the final amount offered, the Value Added Tax will be added, as well as the packaging and transportation expenses (Delivery) that may eventually arise, reserving God Gift Gallery the possibility of charging the handling costs (Commissions) caused by the implementation of the online auction process

9.4 Any difference between the initial deposit or authorized amount and the final amount indicated in section 9.3 must be paid within Seventy-two (72) continuous hours at the close of the auction, in case of default in payment, the second participant in the amounts offered will remain as Awardee.

9.5 The amount authorized by the Users not favored in the Auction will be reimbursed within seventy-two (72) hours of its conclusion.


10.1 In the event that the successful bidder or beneficiary In the event that the successful bidder or beneficiary does not comply with the payment obligation within seventy-two (72) continuous hours at the close of the auction, it will be penalized with thirty percent (30%) of the initially authorized amount.


11.1 the Awardee may withdraw the product at the address of the city of Miami indicated at the beginning of each auction; The product may be sent to the address of the Offeror with the charge of the payment of the shipment to the express mail company DHL – FEDEX – UPS or another that is included.

NOTE: These Terms and Conditions may be modified in successive Auctions.