In addition and complement to the previously granted authorizations, I expressly and previously authorize GOD GIFT GALLERY, assignees or whoever represents the rights, without any place of payment or remuneration, to carry out the Treatment of my Personal Data in the manner and for the purposes noted below. For the purposes of this authorization, 'Personal Data' is understood as the personal information of a financial, credit, commercial, professional, sensitive nature (defined in the law such as my fingerprints, image or voice among others), technical and administrative, private , past, present or future semi-private, contained in physical, digital or electronic means and by 'Processing of personal data' all types of activity, action, operation or process, including but not limited to: collecting, consulting, compiling, evaluating, cataloging , classify, sort, record, store, update, modify, clarify, report, inform, analyze, use, share, circulate, supply, delete, process, request, verify, exchange, withdraw, transfer, transmit, arrange, organize, adjust , model, unite, consolidate, merge, combine, add, summarize, digitize, exploit, make profitable, take advantage of, employ and / or disclose, and carry out operations on my Personal Data endings. This authorization for the Processing of my Personal Data is extended to the entities that make up the Financial Conglomerate. The authorization that I grant to GOD GIFT GALLERY by this means for the Treatment of my Personal Data will have the following purposes: a. Promote, market or offer, individually or jointly, own or offered products and / or services, through the channels authorized by law or contract, or to complement, optimize or deepen the portfolio of products and / or services currently offered, b. Evaluate risks derived from the potential, current or concluded contractual relationship, c. Obtain knowledge of my commercial or transactional profile. d. Know about the birth, modification, celebration, termination, news, payment habits, credit behavior or compliance with direct, contingent or indirect obligations, current, active or passive obligations, or those that in the future come to celebrate, including information regarding the management, status, fulfillment of my payment obligations derived from relationships, contracts and services, payment habits, including contributions to the social security system, obligations and current debts, expired without canceling, processes, or the improper use of financial services, in databases managed directly by the contracting parties, by financial information operators, authorities or state entities, information operators and / or entities that are part of the Comprehensive Social Security System, companies providing public services and telephony mobile, or database administrator or similar entities that in a future or is established and whose purpose is any of the above activities.