Among the Activities Proposed through the Portal Website is the Fundraising Campaing of the Community of Devotees of the Virgin Mary, which deals with the realization of Auctions of Works of Art related to the spiritual and religious.

The realization of the Fundraising Campaing of Works of Arts is done by selecting techniques such as the case of Stained Glass.

This Campaign has been organized by Thematic Series in Stained Glass by Recognized Artists with Tradition and Prestige.

The Portal contains a Section of Galleries, made up of Sub Sections with each of the Thematic Series, as explained later.

Each Work of Art in Stained Glass has its assigned Code and its Initial Value for the Virtual Auction.

They will be placed at Virtual Auction, determining the bases of the Fundraising Campaign of the Community of Devotees of the Virgin Mary, such as Number of Days to participate in the Virtual Auction, Initial Value of the Work of Art, Minimum number of Bidders who must participate, a minimum number of offers that must exist before the Auction closes, among others that will be announced at the beginning of each Virtual Auction.

The Works of Art with the Name of the Scene and the assigned Code will be in the Gallery exposed, and the date of the Auction will be announced in due course.

Those interested can request that any Scene – Stained Glass be Auctioned, and if it reaches the number of requests determined, it can be taken to Virtual Auction, skipping the Sequence assigned according to the Code.

Bidders have the opportunity to participate in the Pro-Funds Campaign during the Days that have been Designated to Auction Each Work of Stained Glass Art.

The First Series selected are:

  • Series of the Invocations of Mary Most Holy Virgin initially includes Thirty-Three (33) Invocations in Colorful Stained Glass.
  • Series of the Nativity of Jesus, initially with Twelve (12) scenes in Colorful Stained Glass.
  • The Passion and Glory of Jesus Christ Series, with Twenty-six (26) Colorful Stained Glass scenes.

Passion and glory of Jesus Christ

  1. The Last Supper.
    Code: PGJ01-UC
  2. Prayer in the Orchard.
    Code: PGJ02-OH

Advocation Series of the Virgin Mary

  1. Our Lady of Perpetual Help.
    Code: ADV01-VPS
  2. Our Lady of Guadalupe.
    Code: ADV02-VG

Jesus Nativity Series

  1. The Annunciation.
    Code: NAT01-AN
  2. The birth.
    Code: NAT02-NTO

The stained glass windows in these series have Cedar Wood Frames that enhance the Polychromatic Artistic Quality of the Scene Reflected in the Stained Glass.

These stained glass windows are the first two of each series, whose names are found in the Book with the Nomenclature assigned to each Manifestation.

These are the First Finished Scenes that are part of the Virtual Gallery’s physical inventory – God Gift Gallery – where they will be exhibited, to be Auctioned Virtually on the Portal via Internet.

Other scenes in the production process can also be seen in the Gallery

From the Monetary Resources from the Virtual Auction or other agreed Modality, the agreed Direct and Indirect Costs of the Artist’s Works, Freight and Handling will be deducted; 70% of the resulting net balance will be allocated to Charity Community Works and 30% to the Nuestra Señora del Perpetuo Socorro Foundation based in Venezuela for its Social Charity Plans.

The Net Funds Raised from each Virtual Auction are deposited directly by the Digital Electronic system, carrying a fully automated / electronic process contracted with the Square payment processor for direct deposit to the Bank Account of the Nuestra Señora del Perpetuo Socorro Foundation.

The Base Value for Virtual Auctions for each Work of Art in Stained Glass is U $ D 3,800.

The important thing in these Virtual Auctions is to get the Communities to Participate.